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Disabling fill gaps


it seems like it is not possible to disable the "fill gaps" option. I have unchecked "gap filling by compulsion" but in the output I still see that gaps are being filled in the "Fill %" variable.
Is this intended behavior? If yes is there a different way to disable the fill gaps step?

Thank your for your time and effort!

Re: Disabling fill gaps

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Fill% has, in principle, nothing to do with gap filling itself. It is an occurence across samples in group. If MS-DIAL was able to determine a feature in 3 samples of 5, then this value will be 0.6 or 60%.

Gap filling can help to increase this count, searching automatically in a certain range of the known feature with eased parameters. Hiroshi can, of course, correct me.

Re: Disabling fill gaps

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Hi Yasin and all,

as Sergey wrote here, the fill% value should be same with/without the option of "gap filling by compulsion".
In this process, the averages of peak top RT, left RT, and right RT are calculated in the samples having the peaks.
When you UNtick the option of "gap filling by compulsion", a peak is not refilled if there is no local maximum in the range of average left RT and right RT.