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Exporting Error

I was trying to export alignment to an msp and got an error I wasn't sure what to make of (see below). Can anyone tell me what causes this?

Re: Exporting Error

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Dear Matthew:

Did you do something like this?

1. You processed your data with e.g. MSP file A for peak annotation, and then, created an alignment result A.
2. Then, you reprocessed your data (in the same project) with MSP file B for peak annotation, and then, created an alignment result B.
3. Then, you tried to export the alignment result of "A".

If yes, the outofrange exception is due to the difference of MSPs.
Although the MSP ID stored in the alignment result A is for MSP file A, your current project (.mtd2 file) now contains the information of MSP file B. When the file sizes of MSP file A and B are different, this kind of error will be occurred.

Does it make sense for you?



Re: Exporting Error

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Hi Hiroshi,

thanks for the detailed answer. I have exactly the same problem and you described the situation I am in. Now, I am not sure I understood what I could do to export the "alignment result B" (obtained with the MSP file B). Should I just start a new project using the same parameters so the feature list won't change (I hope) but this time it will look for annotations with MSP file B?