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MS/MS QC's for ID only

I have a lipidomics QC sample prepared by pooling equal amounts of each sample. The QC sample is injected up front and analyzed by data dependent MS/MS for lipid identification five times using a rolling exclusion list (QTOF). Then the samples, interspersed with periodic injections of the QC sample, are analyzed using MS1 only. Both the MS/MS and MS1 analysis data files are defined as a QC type in MS Dial. Is there a way to differentiate between the QC MS/MS data files and QC MS1 data files? The MS1 QC data is desired for data processing while the QC MS/MS data files are for ID only.

Is there a way to remove the QC/MSMS and blank from the aligned bar chart plots after processing for presentation purposes?

I have not used MS Finder yet, but can the QC MS/MS data files be used in MS Finder to ID lipids after MS Dial processing?