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Batch job error

dear Developers
During the MS Finder search on all MS/MS events (including the identified ones) I received the following error:

Batch job was desorbed by the following error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

what does it mean? what are the measures to avoid it again? the processing time is very long, even if I indicated in the configuration a time out of 1 min (structure finder stopped at 255075933 after 2 day..)
all the best

Re: Batch job error

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Hi Andrea,

sorry, your question is difficult to answer.
I have to check the file stopped. You can check the reason if you run the ms-finder program as the debug mode in Visual studio with the original source codes which can be downloaded from my website.
If you can find the file that cannot be processed, please send it to me.
Sorry for your inconvenience.