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readMSData error

Anyone know where/why this error occurs when reading an mzXML file that was converted from SciEx wiff using their Converter tool? See below. Thanks.

> raw_data <- readMSData(files = mzXML, pdata = new("NAnnotatedDataFrame", pd),
+                        mode = "onDisk")
Error: Can not open file /Users/errontitus/lab-private/tox-mass-spec/data/2020-08-18-test-dataset/blood/QTOF_CDS_2020_08_18_CT46860A UCLM BLOOD 2150_19.mzXML! Original error was: Error in pwizModule$open(filename): [References::resolve()] Failed to resolve reference.
  object type: N4pwiz6msdata23InstrumentConfigurationE
  reference id: instrumentConfiguration19
  referent list: 1


Re: readMSData error

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Update: this problem went away after I switched to using proteowizard for my wiff -> mzXML conversion.