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Show ion table

Hi Hiroshi,
I have a problem with "Show ion table" function.
I am not able to use it in some projects. Let's say I have ~800 peaks spots (Blank+, MS2 acquired+, Suggested+) that I need to review.
When I click on the icon, the progress bar "Progress of preparing alignment spot table viewer" stops at random position and never reaches the end. Sometimes is freezes at ~20%, sometimes at ~80%. I can use the X to close the bar and try again.
HW resources are available.
If I completely rebuild the project, it helps sometimes, but sometimes it freezes again. True for multiple versions of MS-DIAL.
Could you please suggest how to find what is wrong?
Thank you,

Re: Show ion table

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Had the same, especially with big ion tables.

Often it helps to cancel ion table building and simply start it again.


Re: Show ion table

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Hi Hiroshi,
thank you. It works now.
Tested on two different projects, 25k and 35k peak spots from 350 samples.
The bar grows slowly and then jumps several times till 100%.