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MS Dial Problem in processing the demo dataset

Dear Metabolomics Community,

great to a format like this for asking questions. I just started playing around with MS DIAL and the tool looks very promising to me (at least the software includes all the steps I did with my data on a different platform).

But when I process the demo dataset "Alkanes Kovats deom by Arabidopsis" I fail to achieve the same results as it is shown in the tutorial. I am using Version 4.24 on a Win10 and I followed the tutorial carefully but Alignment Spot Viewer stays empty and also the Rep. vs Ref. Window does not show any Refence (but instead "No information"). It seems that the "GCMS DB_MassBank-Restek-RIKEN.msp" was not considered for comparison. May someone else try to run the Demo dataset? If I use RT instead of RI for the alignment I obtain results for the alignment but the Identification remains open. So the problem might be related to the usage of RI.

I also tried to align data that I have obtained myself and the Alignment Spot viewer gave reasonable results. Therefore the software itself seems to work fine...

Has anyone experienced similar problems?

Kind regards

Re: MS Dial Problem in processing the demo dataset

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I would like to report on the solution of this problem. I had problems with the separators "," and "." which are conversely used in the EU and US. So please have a look to the FAQ and switch your language and symbol setting.

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Re: MS Dial Problem in processing the demo dataset

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Thanks Stefan for this clarification.