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MS-FINDER search problems (compound annotation)


I processed the .abf files in MS-DIAL version 4.38 and exported the ion table to MSP files.  But when I try to perform the compound annotation (batch job) search in MS-FINDER version 3.46, an error message appears. I´ve attached images with the parameters setting and error warning. Does somebody has also experienced this in the analysis?



Re: MS-FINDER search problems (compound annotation)

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Hi viniciusgw,
You can just select the feature in MS-DIAL, right-click, and then directly exported it to MS-FINDER. Or you can export all peaks to a folder (if I remember, they are in *.MAT format), and then open them in MS-FINDER. Both ways work fine.

Best, Sukis.

Re: MS-FINDER search problems (compound annotation)

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Thanks Sukis,

maybe, as I replied here (,
you should change the language setting to English.
The decimal character looks comma "," instead of period "." for m/z values in your screenshot, and the program cannot take care about this correctly.


Re: MS-FINDER search problems (compound annotation)

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Thank you Hiroshi,

I changed the language to English and the MS-Finder worked very well, the problem was even with the decimal point of the comma. I would like to thank users for their help on other issues and say that MS-DIAL and MS-Finder are incredible software, congratulations on the development.

Vinícius G. Wakui