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About the molecular spectrum networking

Dear developer,
Thank you very much for the amazing software, the MS-dial. I just found something can be improved about the exported edge file of the molecular spectrum networking with the 'export ion abundance correlation among samples' was selected. There were two kinds of networkings existed when I performed the spectrum networking coupled with the abundance correlation. However, both of the two  networkings were classed as 'spectrum similarity ' in the txt edge file. It is hard to distinguish these two networkings when I import this  file to Cytoscape for further visulization. Waiting for your response!

Best wishes!
Yong Li

Re: About the molecular spectrum networking

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Hi Yong,

thanks for the feedback. At least in my current developmental version of msdial, it looks fine.
Could you please evaluate the following developmental version of msdial first?



Re: About the molecular spectrum networking

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Hi Hiroshi,
The problem solved in the latest version!
Thank you!