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MSDIAL can not open file

Hello every one,

I planned to import  Thermo  data from DDA experiments or DIA using Orbitrap LC/MS in order to build an own, and user-specific MS/MS spectral library for  annotation in MSDIAL.

In this posting, I would like to ask you: (1) what MSDIAL compatible data format is suggested ? I did the format convert into .mzML or .abf file according to the instruction in Tutorial. I have even tryed to prepare available file through ProteoWizard 3.0, MSconverter, Rawconverter, and AbfConverter_1.3.7661, as well as  MSFileReader, but MSDIAL can not openned the all file.It seems to be compatible only for the *mtd format. Which soft can convert the raw file into mtd file?  (2) The operation Menus of MSDIAL were unvailable except for the "File". 

Many thanks for your advice in advance!

Best regards