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MsfinderConsoleApp unusable from a shared Linux installation


It looks like MsfinderConsoleApp attempts to open reference data in a read/write mode, which makes it impossible to install them in a shared location on an HPC cluster. Here is the system call

open("/apps/ms-finder/3.5.0/Resources/NeutralLossDB_vs2.ndb", O_RDWR|O_CLOEXEC) = -1 EACCES (Permission denied)

MS-FINDER is also looking for LipidQueries.INI in the installation directory and fails to being a run when it's not present, but that file is not in the distribution and is not described in the tutorial.

It would be great if none of the console programs in MS-DIAL/MS-FINDER required write access to their installation directories. Usually, any files that need to be written to must be in the user's current working directory or command-line arguments should be made available to allow users to specify their locations.




Re: MsfinderConsoleApp unusable from a shared Linux installation

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Any information on utilizing MsfinderConsoleApp would be very helpful! Overall, there is a lack of information and documentation available on the console versions of CompMS apps, especially MsfinderConsoleApp. From what I can tell, most every post on this forum involving MsfinderConsoleApp goes unanswered.