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XCMS Long processing time

I am new to the site. I have a question regarding XCMS online. I submitted a job to analyze LC-MS/MS data files by pairwise comparison and it is taking a long time to process. It seem that it is stack at processing 7% file conversion. I tried to delete the job and reload the Zip data and everytime it gets stack at 7 % (I have used similar data format before and it went through fine)

1434543   2020-12-23 09:53:14 File conversion started.

Could you please tell me what I need to do to run the analysis

Thank you,


Re: XCMS Long processing time

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Hi gsoliman,

I've moved your thread to the XCMS-online board. Unfortunately we have had to lock this board as people keep asking the same questions, but nobody from XCMS-online answers them.
You can see this post (Problems with XCMS online?) which can direct you to places that you might be able to seek assistance.

If you are looking for other software, there are a lot of MS-DIAL users on this forum.