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Crashed when loading libraries...

Dear all,

I am a newbie of metabolomics, informatics, and MS-DIAL.  MS-DIAL keeps crashing soon after I set up a new project in the metabolomics mode and hit "Finish".  The situation is similar to this previous thread.

I tried both versions  (4.60 and 4.48) in vain. But both versions ran well without selecting any msp file in Identification tab.  After the run, I repeated the analysis from the Identification step with choosing a correct MSP file (MSMS-Public-Pos-VS15.msp), but it crashed within seconds.  Obviously, it keeps crashing during loading a MSP file.

Here is the detailed info about my PC and files (I am not sure whether these are relevant or you need other pieces of info).
Edition: Windows 10 Pro  (English)
Version: 20H2
mzML files after conversion from Waters .RAW files.
Virtual memory: Automatically managed paging file size for all drives.  Currently allocated 12898 MB

Any suggestions are highly appreciated!  Thank you very much in advance.


Re: Crashed when loading libraries...

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I faced a similar issue some weeks ago (after a Windows update from our IT department). Did you check that you have English as the OS language?


Re: Crashed when loading libraries...

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Hi oscardr-  Thanks for your response.  I am from the US and the OS is the English version.  Now I am using a different PC with the same OS (Windows 10 Pro Version: 20H2) but a faster CPU (1.80GHz vs 2.83GHz) to get around this issue.   Is CPU (@1.80GHz (.99 GHz) too low for MS-DIAL?   KenT