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How to Export Identified Lipids in Ion Table

I am new to MS-DIAL and am using it for lipidomic analysis on 8 mouse blood samples (4 control, 4 treated). I was able to identify many lipids in the ion table after filtering for reference matched lipids and filtering out blanks. However, I am struggling with how to export this output to a spreadsheet for further analysis. The ion table only has a feature to export each file as an MSP or export it all to MSFinder, neither of which provides a unified file/spreadsheet. Additionally, as I understand it, the main "export" tab only exports the raw data and not the identified lipids for each sample.

Thus, my question is: how do I export the MS-DIAL identified lipids in the ion table (and the quantitative version of the bar chart provided for each) into a unified spreadsheet?

I appreciate any help and feedback!

Re: How to Export Identified Lipids in Ion Table

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Maybe, you already know how to export the alignment result, right?

1. open the exported tab-delimited file by excel (drag & drop should work well).
2. just delete all of rows containing "unknown" and "w/o MS2: "-containing metabolite names in the metabolite name column.
3. then, you only find the reference matched metabolite information.