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Peak count filter - GC-MS project

Hello everyone,

I am working on GC-TOFMS data with different sample groups and I am trying to understand, what the peak count filter means. According to the tutorial, it should remove peaks that are not fully detected in the alignment. But I don’t really understand, how this parameter deals with different sample groups – does it work group-wise or does it take simply all samples (regardless of the group they belong to) into account?
For LC data, there is the additional option N% detected in at least one group but this is not available in a GC project.
I hope you can help me.

Best regards

Re: Peak count filter - GC-MS project

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I have not implement the N% function for GCMS project yet, but will try to implement this by the next update.


Re: Peak count filter - GC-MS project

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Thank you Hiroshi!

I have metabolites that are only present in some sample classes and it would be necessary to set a filter for this.  The peak count filter is not so helpful, as it deals simply with all samples and it does not take the different groups/classes into account.