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How to export alignment result in mztab-M format

With recent versions of MSDIAL, I see there is an option to export data in mztab-M format. We would like to use this format but when I try to export alignment data using this option (while no other options are selected), no file gets generated. If there is another option selected (such as Normalized data matrix) in addition to mztab-M option, an error is displayed and MSDIAL crashes.
Is there any solution to this?
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Re: How to export alignment result in mztab-M format

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Hi Vladimir,

The mzTab-M export will only work if you have (A)  'aligned' the data, and from the alignment option, and (B) when choosen with the corresponding text file export for either height/ areas, and not for mzTab-M exclusively etc. PLUS, importantly, either "Area" or "Height" has to be chosen besides the "mzTab-M" option, as it will export them in pairs,i.e., .text version of height/ area alongside the mzTab-M version of height/ area. So, at least 2 checks.

I do not face such issue with mzTab-M export at least in the current versions or 1-2 versions earlier.

If you have NOT normalized the data after alignment is done, then checking 'Normalized data' option will result in a crash/non-export etc. So prior to exporting data as :"Normalized data matrix" the data needs to be normalized while you are on the "aligned results" tab on your (left) hand side panel/bars.

Check out the 2 attached figs and see if those help too!