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ABf Converter problem

Hello every one

I have a problem with ABF Converter, I'm trying to convert .d file of Agilent triple quadrupole, but at the end of conversion file was removed and a message appears:

Error(s) occurred during raw data conversion.
Conversion Failed
Destination file "E:\........" was removed

Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Any help or tips?

Re: ABf Converter problem

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You can also use converter(s) either drag and drop ones from GNPS : or MSconvert from Proteowizard: and do it locally, to go from vendor formats to .mzML or .mzXML etc.


Re: ABf Converter problem

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did you analyze your sample by scan mode? or, MRM mode?
Although ABF converter should also work for MRM data (, you should ask the developer of ABF converter if it does not work. I will directly email to you to let you know their e-mail address.
Also, ABF converter does not work for .d file obtained in chemstation.