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Issues with Lipidomics Mode [Crashing]

When running in Lipidomics mode, the program closes after a few seconds while "loading libraries".
I can run the program in metabolomics mode,  using the MSMS-Public-Pos-VS15.msp file
Other information:
MS-DIAL version: 4.48
Windows 10, 16 MB ram
Original files in raw format converted using AbfConverter_1.3.7661
Note: I think this issue is similar to a previous reported issue (Issues with Lipidomics Mode [Crashing, will not run files that have ran before]) in this forum.
I am a newbie!

Thank you for your help.


Re: Issues with Lipidomics Mode [Crashing]

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For future memory:
1) I have downloaded the MSDIAL ver 4.38 version for testing. It it runned normaly (no crashing).
2) I then re-downloaded the MSDIAL ver 4.48 version, deleted the old version, and it runned normaly (no crashing).
I have no idea what happened.