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peak picking


I can't get the the compounds in the attached picture to peak pick. It's 3 isomers.
The peak picking settings were:  min. peak height = 5000 amplitude;  mass slice width = 0.1 Da
I left most other settings at default.

Re: peak picking

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Hi Hiroshi

I'm not sure that's helping.  But, I haven't been able to try many times because the sample processing keeps hanging (the progress bar just stops mid-way). I'm not sure if anyone else is experiencing that.  I'm using the latest version.

Re: peak picking

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I would say that processing hangs up about 99% of the time. Even with just 1-2 samples.

Re: peak picking

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I don't think it's just isomers.
Rather large, single peaks are also not getting picked.
This is Thermo RAW data without mzML conversion.
Also, you can see that, in the manual XIC table, you cannot delete entries in the table.

Re: peak picking

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Not sure your data detail. Could you please send me one of your data with the PPT slides to explain the detail of your situation. The PPT slides containing ms-dial start up setting and parameter conditions' screenshots are very helpful for me.