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CCS calibration for TWIM-MS using EDC method

Dear Hiroshi and MS-DIAL team,

I was working with Waters travelling wave ion mobility data recently and was happy to realize that MS-DIAL treats TWIMS data.
However, I am curious if you could integrate an alternative option for the TWCCSN2 calibration?

Instead of using coefficients A, exponent B and t0 an alternative method is typically used using a m/z dependent correction factor to determine the "corrected arrival times" tc from arrival times ta by taking into account the "EDC (Enhanced Duty Cycle) delay coefficient" C, which is an instrument dependent parameter (you find it in the .raw data folder in the methods).
I think this is the approach typically used in Waters DriftScope and would be a nice as an option and often you use DriftScope to overwrite the initial mobcal.csv file with the new calibration function.

You can find the details here:

Until now I re-calculated CCS from arrival times using this approach which is not too time consuming, but automation would be nice and not all users will be aware on these differences.

Thanks a lot for the great work and best regards,