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Confusion in Peak Spotting Workflow

I have some disagreement on the MS-DIAL peak spotting workflow with my PI. Based on your tutorial, we have to define MSP library and post identification file before the whole analysis processing, so you include identification tab in the analysis parameters window. My PI thinks MS-DIAL should be able to detect peaks in the initial step, then perform identification in downstream steps. We tried to identify different m/z 721.5 PG_32:0 isomers from several EIC peaks of a series rt, but using the default MSP file only the highest peak was reported. I believe this was because we did not define the in-house library, but my PI insists this is a limitation of MS-DIAL that cannot detect the peak before identification. I attached the screenshot for reference. I would like to make sure with you developers that the job could be achieved with pre-defined library.

Re: Confusion in Peak Spotting Workflow

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Just try to set "1" for minimum data point of peak detection tab. Please let me know your update.