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How can I check MS1 isotopic pattern?

Dear MS-dial users
Hello, I'm analyzing environmental samples.
I aligned and extracted peaks with MS-dial, and then matched features to the suspect screening list, based on exact mass.
I'd like to check the MS1 isotopic pattern to see if further analysis will be needed, but I don't know how to.
When I export the alignment result - peak area, I could see the pattern by abundance, but it showed only one representative sample

Is there any chance that I could see MS1 isotopic pattern in the software?
Or should I use vendor software to do this?



Re: How can I check MS1 isotopic pattern?

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Dear Yunsun,

in the current ms-dial, you cannot find the exact isotopic pattern in the alignment result. Instead, you can check the isotopic pattern for each file's result. (go to the peak list export option)
Also, such a feature can be browsed in ms-finder program.