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I have problem with installing and opening MS-DIAL in Mac. I downloaded but I can't open it.
How can I fix it?

Re: MSDIAL in Mac

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Would also be interested if some has experience with using MS-DIAL on MAC or Linux?

Re: MSDIAL in Mac

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Does someone know how to install MS-Dial on Mac? Does it have GUI?

Re: MSDIAL in Mac

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Hi Kate, no, it doesn't have a GUI on MAC.

You can install it from the same source as the windows version and then use the .NET runtime for MAC to run the commandline application AFAIK.

Re: MSDIAL in Mac

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I wrote an instruction for running MS-DIAL on Linux and Mac:
Unfortunately, they both have command line interface only.

Thank you, jiungwenchen, this is super helpful! I am an absolute novice to this, so excuse the stupid question!

I've got through the steps in your tutorial, but cannot figure out how to start MsfinderConsoleApp, what should I do instead?

Code: [Select]
> wget
> unzip
> mv MS-FINDER\ ver.\ 3.52\ MacOS MS-FINDER_ver._3.52_MacOS/
> chmod +x  MS-FINDER_ver._3.52_MacOS/MsfinderConsoleApp
> MsfinderConsoleApp
zsh: command not found: MsfinderConsoleApp