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Cloud Plot - XCMS

Hey everyone- I'm a grad student working on a new project. I am new to the forum and new to studying metabolomics. I have done some LC-MS work, and used XC-MS to do some data processing. I am just very confused as to what the meaning of the cloud plot is. I can't seem to find anything online that puts it in terms that are easy to understand. Can someone explain this plot? What is fold change? What does negative vs. positive mean in the cloud plot? Thanks so much!


Re: Cloud Plot - XCMS

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Hi, I'm also struggling to use the Cloud Plot output in XCMS. I would really like to use this tool for processing the large amounts of data I'm working with, but there are a few issues. When I compare the Cloud Plots to the peaks of interest that I can visually see when I load up the TIC plot on MZmine, I cannot recapitulate the m/z and RT of my peaks of interest! Additionally, the 'table view' of the XCMS cloud plot is not working for me.

If anyone can give feedback for me on this, it would be much appreciated. Otherwise, is there advice for other LC-MS and LC-MS/MS data analysis tools to try? So far, I've used the GNPS LC-MS/MS data processing tool to generate Cytoscape networks and excel sheets with data. This is helpful, but also a lot of info that is difficult to filter through. I have also used MZmine to manually look at the TICs.

Thanks in advance,
Lazarina Butkovich
Grad student at UCSB