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MrmprobsConsoleApp parameters

Hi Hiroshi,
would it be possible to add a command line option to export the raw matrix data file?
Thank you.

Code: [Select]
Mrmprobs Console App requires the following args:
                                                MrmprobsConsoleApp.exe <analysisType> -i <input folder> -o <output folder> -m <parameter file> -r <reference library file> -d <dia dictionary file (required in abfdia)>
                                                Where: <analysisType>   is one of abfmrm, mzmlmrm, mzmlscan, abfscan, abfdia    (required)
                                                           <input folder>       is the folder containing the files to be processed      (required)
                                                           <output folder>      is the folder to save results   (required)
                                                           <method file>        is a file holding processing properties (required)
                               <reference library file>           is a file containing rt/transition/ratio/range information at tab-delimited text.
                               <dia dictionary file>    is required in DIA-data process containing SCAN/DIA ScanID MzBegin MzEnd information as tab-delimited text