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MS-DIAL Linux within Containers

Dear all,
I just created an installation of the Linux version of MS-DIAL (4.70) using the container technology Docker and Singularity.
The repository

has the Dockerfile required to build the Docker image and a README with the instructions for building and converting the Docker image into a Singularity image. That is my usual pattern, if most of you prefer to have the Singularity file I can create one.
In the README there are also the instruction for testing the container, at least on my systems it works, pay attention to the last command (took from the on-line console app tutorial) which is commented.

It took me a while to properly install the correct dependencies HDF5 and NETCDF, credits to pacificclimate and to their repository

I just read about V4.80 but the Linux version is not yet available.

if you have comments or suggestions please let me know.


Re: MS-DIAL Linux within Containers

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Do you know whether someone also tried setting this up with the source code, so compiling MS-DIAL for Linux and then pushing it on a container?