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KEGG- map searching

I would like to ask how (with which method from Kegg api) i can get the genomes or the pathways participating in a specific map for example map00010.
Thank you

Re: KEGG- map searching

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just found this post, the easiest would be to go with the Bioconductor package KEGGSOAP. ... GSOAP.html

You will have to search for the neutral mass, so any adduct formation has to be undone
prior to using KEGGSOAP.

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Re: KEGG- map searching

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KEGG also propose a REST-Style API described in this page:
You will have to got the response from the URL.
For instance following rest address:
Code: [Select]
will provide the list of metabolites belonging to this map :
Code: [Select]
path:map00010	cpd:C00022
path:map00010 cpd:C00024
path:map00010 cpd:C00031
path:map00010 cpd:C00033
path:map00010 cpd:C00036
path:map00010 cpd:C00068
path:map00010 cpd:C00074
path:map00010 cpd:C00084
path:map00010 cpd:C00103
path:map00010 cpd:C00111
path:map00010 cpd:C00118
path:map00010 cpd:C00186
path:map00010 cpd:C00197
path:map00010 cpd:C00221
path:map00010 cpd:C00236
path:map00010 cpd:C00267
path:map00010 cpd:C00469
path:map00010 cpd:C00631
path:map00010 cpd:C00668
path:map00010 cpd:C01159
path:map00010 cpd:C01172
path:map00010 cpd:C01451
path:map00010 cpd:C05125
path:map00010 cpd:C05345
path:map00010 cpd:C05378
path:map00010 cpd:C06186
path:map00010 cpd:C06187
path:map00010 cpd:C06188
path:map00010 cpd:C15972
path:map00010 cpd:C15973
path:map00010 cpd:C16255
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