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Issues with parameter export/import function

I checked the parameter export and import function (version: 4.80) und would like to report some currently occurring errors.

Parameter export: Following parameter settings were not correctly exported (via “Export > Alignment result”) in the txt-File:
- The setting for "Consider Cl and Br elements" is missing regardless of whether you checked this field or not.
- With respect to the blank filter option, independently what your settings were, you always get the following output (default setting):
"Sample max / blank average   5
Sample average / blank average 5"
- Regarding the annotation filter criteria: In the text file, you have a setting for "Keep identified and annotated metabolites", whereas in the GUI you can make selections for "Keep ´reference matched´ metabolite features" and "Keep ´suggested (w/o MS2)´ metabolite features".

Parameter import: Following parameter settings were not correctly loaded (via “Load parameter”) in the GUI:
- in the peak detection tab: the smoothing method is often not correctly imported, e.g. although I selected “Savitzky-Golay filter” the “linear weighting method” (default settings) was imported.
- in the alignment tab: Instead of my individual settings the default settings of MS1 and RT factor were imported. The “Reference file” is not correct after parameter import (I suggest, here always the first file of the analysis file list is selected).
- with respect to the blank filter option you have the same issue as mentioned above probably because the parameter export was not sufficient.

Maybe this bugs can be eliminated in one of the next updates.