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Issues with data processing in MS dial

For some reason, my data processing in MS dial is terminated when I try to process all of my 20 samples, but if I process these separately in two different batches it works fine. This indicates that my abf files are okay and the parameter set-up as well. Anyway, I would like to process all 20 samples simultaneously, but I can't understand the issue that arises? No error message pops up, instead, MS dial terminates the process and shuts down without any warning message. My GC runs are all of equal lengths and I have double-checked my timings properly in the method. Retention times are also aligned with alkanes for better matching with the MONA library.

I'm currently using the latest version, i.e. ver 4.80.

Attached is my txt file with alkanes, but I don't think this is my problem since it works when I process the samples in two separate batches.

Thanks on your behalf!

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PhD student

Re: Issues with data processing in MS dial

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I don't have a good solution, but wanted to say that I also have this issue for GC-MS data. It seems to crash at some point before showing the peak spot viewer or creating any .mtd2 file about 9 times out of 10 - but every so often, after stubbornly fiddling with the parameters and re-attempting, the alignment works and the peak spot viewer pops up.

I have not figured out which parameters, if any, are actually important for getting it to work. Several times I have thought I discovered the secret, only for the next analysis to crash again - and again and again.

I have accepted the stochasticity of getting MSDial to work and figure it is better to indulge my gambling habit here than at the slot machines, but would certainly appreciate a solution if you or anyone else has figured it out.

Re: Issues with data processing in MS dial

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Hi we have encountered a similar issue recently, version 4.48 works fine.

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Qizhi Su

Re: Issues with data processing in MS dial

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Have you tried to run the same analysis in the ConsoleApp? It may be more stable in handling a large number of samples.