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Duplication of compounds in GC-MS alignment

 Dear MSDial specialist,

I try to align GC-QMS data files from Agilent instrument with MSDial 4.7
The result is of many duplication or triplicating of the same compound after the alignment. For sure there is parameter(s) not set correctly but I cannot find which one.
Thank you very much in advance if somebody has an idea and can help me to improve my alignment process.

Best regards.


Re: Duplication of compounds in GC-MS alignment

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Hi Qizhi Su,

Thank you for your quick reply.
I read the post you mentioned and apply under the identification tab to checked the box "only report the top hit".
And yes, it works. Duplicates do not appear anymore.
I don't understand this function but it works fine like this and it's perfect for me.

Many thanks and best regards.