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MSMS only export (msp or mat)

Is there a way to export ONLY the MSMS peaks as a msp or mat to bring into MSFINDER? For instance, when looking at MSMS data files, MSDIAL will align non-MSMS peaks and it seems like if I Export > Peak list (as mat or msp), it will export all peaks, not just the MSMS ones?

Re: MSMS only export (msp or mat)

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Hi gabbyblack,
If I understand correctly, you want to export peaks with MS2 acquisition right? If so, you can filter both Peak Spot Tables and Alignment Spot Tables using the filters just to the right of the file list. You can also filter by ref matched, unknown, unique, etc. Once filtered, open up the peak table and there is a button on the upper left that allows you to export to MS-FINDER. By default, it checks every feature in the table, but you can actually click "uncheck all" or uncheck the ones you don't want to send. Then, you can export all the checked features in the table to MS-FINDER. Hope this helps.