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Smoothing parameter

I have a question about the smoothing parameters.
According to an older MS-Dial version the recommendation was 1-3, However, for the current version (4.80) it is 2-4. Does this recommendation apply regardless of the selected smoothing method?
Could it be simplified that for peaks with >10DP smoothing level 3 to 4 should be the better setting, and only for peaks with <10DP a smoothing level of 2 would be preferable?


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Re: Smoothing parameter

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Maybe to be more precise with my question.

Would you for example suggest the following: if you have 20 or more data points per peak -> use smoothing level 4, whereas if you have less than 10 data points better use smoothing level 2 (or similar)? Just as an idea.

Of course, you have to proof this by your own data.



Re: Smoothing parameter

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For what I understood, the "smoothing level" is the number of data points that will be considered in function (e.g. moving average).
E.g. Smoothing level 3 = 3 data points. It would be nice if someone can confirm that´s the case in MS-DIAL.
Also, because for my basic understanding of the smoothing function, the number of data points should always be kept odd (e.g. 3, 5..) in order to maintain signal symmetry.

Can someone comment ?