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VS4.9 and VS5-alpha series

Dear users,

Recently, I do not have much time to share my opinion/comment/suggestion to your posts.
I actually left RIKEN and started new career at tokyo university of agriculture and technology. In this year, I have to prepare many lecture slides for university's students...However, we are developing new ms-dial programs to boost metabolomics/lipidomics/proteomics studies. Here, I uploaded new programs.

Although we still take care about the current version 4 series for a while, our developers now focus on the development of new MS-DIAL 5 series. It can be download by ID and password until the publication, and please let me know if you have time to evaluate the program.

Hiroshi Tsugawa

Re: VS4.9 and VS5-alpha series

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Dear Hiroshi,

Hope everything is fine with you.
A huge thanks to you and your team for continuously developing and improving the great software!

Just interested in if version 5 will work with two-dimensional GCMS data?

best regards,
Qizhi Su