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PCA function

Dear all,

MS-Dial version: 4.80
I have a question regarding the PCA function. We have processed our LC/MS data set, but following data processing we can not select the PCA function (greyed out). This was independent whether we check the gap filling function. We also have filled in the class IDs prior to processing (in total, we have 8 groups: 1 x Blank group, 1 x QC group, and 6 x Sample groups)

Why this is the case, and what I have to do for being able to use the PCA function?

Really thanks for your support.

Best regards

Re: PCA function

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It seems to be that one can only select/use the PCA function, if you had done a normalization before.

Is that true?


Re: PCA function

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Hi FalcoB,

In my understanding, yes, normalization is required for performing PCA.

Best regards,
Qizhi Su

Re: PCA function

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I want to add something for the community.

Before you are able to select the PCA option, you have have to make a selection in the normalization menu, but you can also choose "none" here (i.e. no normalization is performed).

Best regards