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Thermo FAIMS Pro Duo DIA raw files?

Hi I'm a new user, just starting to work with MS-DIAL. I'm dealing with Thermo .raw files obtained from LC-FAIMS-MS on an Orbitrap Fusion Eclipse Tribrid. Field asymmetric ion mobility spectrometry (FAIMS) was performed at 3 different compensation voltages (CVs), and MS2 data independent acquisition (DIA). When setting up a new project however and importing the .raw file, when I get to the Ion Mobility tab, it only seems to support Bruker, Agilent, or Waters formats.

My question is if I can get MS-DIAL to handle the FAIMS data? or what a workflow could look like to get the data loaded properly?

Would ideally like to be able to deconvolute the DIA data for ion identity molecular networking in GNPS.