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MS-DIAL alpha version V5.06

Just downloaded the alpha version5.06.  Overall the UI is beautiful with familiar GUI interface on windows version.
Few things i have noticed:
1. This version is quite sluggish in terms of peak picking. it takes considerable amount of time as compared to all the previous versions.
2. Multi-threading didnt worked. Even if i set # of threads to 5-6, it still using only 2 threads.
3. After the search, once you go in the alignment spot viewer, MS/MS matching window annotated peaks labels seems to be shifted.
4. needs more work on the Data visualization tab, the PCA and PLS-DA didnt seemed to be working.
5. Most importantly, when i exported out the aligned peaks, if one normalize the peaks using any method (either TIC or LOWESS), peak area exported out have all 0 values. somehow the normalization task is messing with the original peak areas.
6. on a normal height/area export, MS1 isotopic spectrum is completely missing.  its just give "null" values.
7. Even on the MS/MS spectrum, it seems that if you have a MS/MS match, then only the spectrum is shown, otherwise the spectrum is "null".
8. If i use a text based database with MZ and RT information, both MS1 isotopic spectrum and MS/MS spectrum have "null" values.
9. Somehow the MS-CleanR filter is not working. 

I understand this is still an alpha version, but these are the errors/problems i found. 

Thanks Hiroshi for the continued development on MS-DIAL.  Although i found that this version can handle the proteomics data as well, but i havent tried any of that yet.

Looking forward to test the beta-version (as an when it will be released).

Thanks once again for this wonderful software