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[Course] Workflow4Experimenters 2023

Processing, statistical analysis, and annotation of metabolomics data is a complex task for experimenters since it involves many steps and requires a good knowledge of both the methodology and software tools. The (W4M) online tool suit provides a user-friendly environment with advanced computational modules for building, running, and sharing complete workflows for LC-MS, GC-MS, FIA and NMR analysis. Such features are of major values for teaching computational metabolomics to experimenters, and previous courses using W4M since 2014 have been very successful.

For this new session, the proposed format evolves:
- From 06 to 10/03: theoretical sessions in videoconference from 10AM to 12PM each day
- From 20 to 24/03: practical sessions and tutoring, with the 1st hour of each day dedicated to short reminders and participant questions (following the theoretical session).


Pre-Registration: (deadline 31/12/2022)

Goals: During this course, participants will learn how to use the W4M infrastructure to analyze their own dataset. Online sessions will be dedicated to methodology and tools. Face-to-face sessions will be devoted to tutoring. For these practical sessions, the participants will work on their own data (prerequisite for the training is to have a data set).

from March, Monday 6 to Friday 10 2023: 10-12 am (Paris hour): theoretical sessions
from March, Monday 20 (lunch time) to Friday 24 (lunch time) 2023: practical sessions
Yann Guitton
University of Nantes, France