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Topic: Which libraries were the 'MSMS_Public_EXP_VS17.msp' made up of (Read 120 times) previous topic - next topic

Which libraries were the 'MSMS_Public_EXP_VS17.msp' made up of

Hello administrator,

I am a new user of MS-DIAL. I have several questions regarding the  MSMS spectral libraries in MS-DIAL.

(1) I tried to add several distinct .msp files in one data processing workflow for annotation in MSDIAL ver 5.1.221118 , but once I added the 'MSMS_Public_EXP_NEG_VS17.msp' ,it showed that all the annotation method of metabolites was 'MSMS_Public_EXP_NEG_VS17', I don't know the reason, could you explain?
But in MSDIAL ver.4.92 Windowsx64, it seems that only one library can be uploaded at a time, so I chose to use MSDIAL ver 5.1.221118.

(2) Whether the 'MSMS_Public_EXP_NEG_VS17.msp'  is a collection of other libraries (such as 'MassBank', 'ReSpect', 'GNPS', 'Fiehn HILIC'...) in your official MS-DIAL website? If not, maybe I can integrate these libraries to generate a new .msp file so I can use the MSDIAL ver.4.92.


Best regards

Re: Which libraries were the 'MSMS_Public_EXP_VS17.msp' made up of

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Hi Sharon,

(1) If (2) is correct and is VERY likely- but wait till Hiroshi confirms; then (1) take precedent / priority annotation over all other libraries. Make sure your data is from negative ionization mode and if that's true given limited amount of -ve mode MS/MS spectra, this limited annotations in Public_Exp_Neg_VS17 is understandable!