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Topic: Can/should we use findPeaks.centWave with profile/continuous (Read 1305 times) previous topic - next topic

Can/should we use findPeaks.centWave with profile/continuous


We are interested in using findPeaks.centWave with profile/continuous data but note that it expects centroided data.

Is this a strict requirement?  Are there parameter settings that would make it possible to use centWave with profile data?

We're keen to preserve mass accuracy.


Re: Can/should we use findPeaks.centWave with profile/contin

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It is a requirement. You have to convert to centroid mode.
If the vendor libraries are used for conversion to centroid mode, there should be no accuracy loss.
In fact, accuracy can be better than using profile mode data, since vendor and device specific models and parameters
can be used during conversion to give an optimal peak centroid estimate.