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Reifycs Analysis Base File Converter Error

I have installed Reifycs Abf (Analysis Base File) Converter  as well as CompassXtract (V 3.2.201).
Still, upon attempting to convert the files the file converter indicates that there is a conversion error: "Conversion Failed. Check your PC condition. CompassXtract should be installed." I found user SallyKH posted abpout the same error on August 23, 2022 but no solution was proposed. Would appreciate any guidance to address the error message.
Thank you.

Re: Reifycs Analysis Base File Converter Error

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Which kind of raw files are you using, or which vendor? In Chemstation, you need to export your files into AIA files before you can convert them to .aif files.

It should be straightforward, but make sure that you are converting your files into the right directory as well.

// Tim