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Colors of dots for metabolomics meaning?

Hi guys I have a quick question.
Normally when we run lipidomics analysis color codes of the dots indicate the lipid classes. Is it the same way in metabolomics? That are the different colors mean ?
Thanks for your help and have a great year!

Re: Colors of dots for metabolomics meaning?

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Hi Cagakan,

Going by the Tutorial pages here:

The colors indicate:

"In the main viewer of MS-DIAL, the detected peak information is shown in the central window by double clicking the file name in the File navigator. In the bottom-center window (Peak spot viewer), each spot denotes the detected peak (precursor ion) information: blue spots describe peaks of lower abundance in the sample, red spots describe peaks of higher abundance, and green spots describe peaks of middle abundance."
In a lipidomics project, the spot color will mean a specific lipid class such as PC, PE, and TAG etc.

On Alignment spot viewer of the bottom-center window, each spot shows an aligned spot including all retention time, accurate mass, intensity, and MS/MS spectrum of all samples. As described above, in the Peak spot viewer, red, blue, and green “alignment” spot denotes higher, lower, and middle abundance (on average) in the alignment, respectively.

Hope these help!



Re: Colors of dots for metabolomics meaning?

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Thank you very much I didnt see you answer until today since I found it out later :)