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Problems with metabolites annotation [MS-DIAL]

Dear all,
I write here to ask for help with MS DIAL software.
Last month I had to make an upload about the Windows software and I had to download again MS DIAL.
Starting from that moment, I were completely unable to gain suggestions about the identification of peaks by using the library VS 15, 16 and 17. I tried also to download different version of the software but things did not change.
The most strange thing is that before the Windows upload I was able to work without any problems with the library.
Now I don't have any suggestion neither if I click on "suggestion" nor if I check the MS2 aquired features.
Moreover the m/z panel the screen let me check only the range between 0 and 100 m/z without going on larger values.
Is anyone that have any advice about this issue?
Many thanks in advance,