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Search lbm2 file


I want to be able to search the lbm2 file, specifically to be able to view the Na+ in silico ms/ms for SM species. I am doing total laser fragmentation and lose the precursor entirely in a complex mixture and am matching without a precursor m/z. The easiest way to search is to import an msp library into NIST and do an "any peak" search for fragment ions and tap through the results. Since I do not have a "precursor" ion, I am doing a search sort of from the middle out.

However, most of the msp in silico library do not seem to contain Na+ adduct types for all lipid species.

Is there a way to either:
1. perform an "any ion" search like in NIST against the lbm2 library?
2. convert the lbm2 library to an msp?



Re: Search lbm2 file

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lbm2 is just a binary form of the msp library, to speed things up. You can build your own msp from LipidBlast if needed.