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Trying to run XCMS script in R and having trouble

Hey everyone,

I am very new to R, but am somewhat familiar with metabolomics.
I am trying to better understand how to run XCMS through R, and have watched several videos and (tried) to run through several vignettes. I am still not completely understanding something though as I keep running into errors.

For example, in the CAMERA documentation, there is some example code for preprocessing with xcms that goes like this:
(code is from


When I try to run this, I get the following error:
Error in xcmsSet(file, method = "centWave", ppm = 30, peakwidth = c(5,  :
Chromatographic peak detection failed for all files! The first error was: Error in validObject(.Object): invalid class “xcmsPeaks” object: superclass "mMatrix" not defined in the environment of the object's class

Can anyone help me with this? Is the code the example I'm trying to recreate deprecated?

Is there a good source of information that you all learned how to run xcms in R?

Thanks, sorry if there is an obvious answer to this.