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MS-DIAL 5 stability


In our research group, we have been trying to transfer to use MS-DIAL 5 but have run into some issues. So far we have recognized two separate problems:

  • The program is unstable in certain computers and will crash unexpectedly before even setting all the parameters for the peak picking. It seems to be unrelated to the known issues, such as the decimal comma used by many language settings.
  • The parameters can be set but the peak picking will instantly fail resulting in crashing once you press "run" apparently because the msp database given by the user contains something that crashes it. One thing that will result in this situation is if the database accidentally contains any negative ions if you are running a positive mode project or vice versa.

While we are fixing our databases, could the parser that reads the database ignore any wrong/faulty entries in the database file to allow peak picking to initiate or give a warning/error message if the database has issues that prevents using it?

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Re: MS-DIAL 5 stability

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Hi Ville

thanks for letting us know this issue. We will quickly check the second issue.
On the other hand, could you please let me know more details about the first thing?

Which ms-dial version did you use?
What type of data is imported?