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MSDIAL 5.1 crashing with timsTOF data


I have downloaded the latest 3 versions of MSDIAL and all of them crash when I try to analyze data from my timsTOF Pro2 and our timsTOF FleX instruments. The data was collected with PASEF and I have converted the files with the IBFConverter. The data opens and is analyzed well in MSDIAL version 4.90, but I cannot get the same IBF files to process in the newer versions.

Any updates on timsTOF data compatibility with MSDIAL 5.x? Does anyone have any advice?

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Re: MSDIAL 5.1 crashing with timsTOF data

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I don't have a solution to this problem, but commenting to say that this has been my experience too using timsTOF Flex. Weirdly, MSDIAL version 4 works but version 5 doesn't.

I think that with MSDIAL 5, they stopped recommending converting to .ibf format because supposedly raw .d files are readable, but this has not been my experience.

Maybe this should be an issue that is opened on the MSDIAL GitHub issues page. I believe this is where they now would like issues to be posted.

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Re: MSDIAL 5.1 crashing with timsTOF data

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Thank you Triston!

I even tried converting to IBF format first and loading that into 5.x, but the software crashes. I'll post a reply to the GitHub repository - thank you for the tip.