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RT range in aligned spot EIC

Hello all,

I'm completely new to MSDial and trying to employ it in a non-omics application to assess similarities between samples in a study of breakdown products of small molecules exposed to a mix of inorganics. The issue I'm experiencing may simply be due do my inexperience or the quality of my chromatography, which has a distinctly ion-exchange flavour and, partly because of that, my peaks are somewhat wide.

Anyway, the issue is that in the "EIC of Aligned Spot" section of MSDial, I see a tiny retention time range for most (though not all) of my peaks, much narrower than the overall peak width. In all the guidance for MSDial that I've looked through, I haven't seen a similar effect. I've attached a grab of the Aligned Spot EIC and the full EIC for comparison. Probably it's a simple error in how I've set up the processing, but if anyone could give me a pointer I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks for help me out,



Re: RT range in aligned spot EIC

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Hi Matt-are you still having trouble with this? What are your identification and alignment settings with regards to retention time? Is this LCMS data?