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AIF not working in MS-DIAL v5

Hello, it seems that MS-DIAL v5 cannot process AIF data. I have AIF data with one MS1 scan and one MS2 scan. I have been processing it in MS-DIAL v4 but have found an issue with quantification so I've been trying v5. The video tutorial is based on v5.1.0 but that version of the software isn't available to download.

I have tried:

None of these work. They all crash, even with all defaults set. The only variable I change is the threads option to speed things up, so I set it to 16. Notably, none of these versions have an option to enter an AIF experiment text file as you do in v4 and as is described in the video above for v5.1.0. This must have been removed somewhere in the evolution, presumably because that information is relatively easy to extract from data by analysing the scan types and periodicity. The same goes for SWATH.

I've tried data in .raw format and .mzML. Note that these files all work in v4 but are misquantified in either format. That's a different bug (see my twitter thread here: and this post is alerting people to the AIF issue.