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Filters for sample clean-up

    I am kind of getting in to the metabolomics area from Proteomics and wanted to know if there are any suggestions as to sample cleanup after deproteinizing the serum with organic solvents. I have used C18 for peptides but using that for metabolites seems to be biased for hydrophobic ones. Are there any low binding filter materials that can be used. Also, I do not know if sample cleanup will help in enhancing the intensities of metabolites using 100% methanol for extraction. I am getting extremely weak signal intensities. Instrument is a Thermo LTQ. Any suggestions for cleanup would be highly apreciated.

Thank you

Re: Filters for sample clean-up

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If I understand correctly you're really looking for an optimum method. The following are worth looking at:

(1)   Geier, F. M.; Want, E. J.; Leroi, A. M.; Bundy, J. G. Anal. Chem. 2011, 83, 3730–3736.

Hope it's what you're thinking and is helpful.

H. Paul Benton
Scripps Research Institute
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Re: Filters for sample clean-up

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Thanks Paul for the prompt reply. I tried these methods of extraction but my problem was that the column clogged in the nano-spray mode and I need to clean-up my sample using some kind of non-biased filter which will help filter out particulates produced during the preparation of the sample. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. I have used the centrifugal method but the column still clogs up.


Re: Filters for sample clean-up

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good keep it up