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neutral loss of 86

Hi all,
Over the last few months I have been trying to identify metabolites from human plasma.  I continually see neutral losses of 86.  I have search the literature and haven't come across anything that makes sense with human samples.  If anyone has suggestions I'd appreciate it.


Re: neutral loss of 86

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Do you have a more exact mass? Without some more digits it is impossible to tell for sure.
I have observed [M-CO2-C3H6] at 86.0368.
If you have exact mass you can use the Rdisop package for R to get an idea of the possibilities ( ... disop.html).

Like this:
decomposeMass(43.99, ppm=20, mzabs=0.01)

Re: neutral loss of 86

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Unfortunately I only have accurate mass on the parents.  I used a TOF and then an IT for MS/MS.  I will keep that in mind, thanks.